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Business Networking

What does success look like for you?

Being in business can sometimes feel like you are working by yourself in the middle of an island

With this in mind we have set up "The Juicy Bits" a safe space for you to join and share your business ideas.  Read and watch videos from other business owners and join us in a business/ accountability session on the 14th of Each month. 

Developing relationships as a business owner is the most cost effective way of generating new potential clients and referrals.  It also gives strength to your business by being able to refer to your database.  

The most important part is that is a safe space to share ideas and thoughts in a supportive network of like minded business owners.

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Do you need to be part of a group coaching group.  Feel free to book in a discovery call

In our monthly team sessions, we cover one of more of these topics
Your business why? What are you offering and why are you doing what you do?
Business Structure and systems
Your brand – not only your business brand, but also your personal brand
Financial Planning for success
Marketing – what tools do you need and how to create a strategy
Sales – How to talk to your market
Advertising planning
Business logistics and reporting
Social Media content and planning
Goal setting and measuring growth
Building a team
+ more
Full email support is given to everyone in our group accountability sessions.  

The date is set for the 14th of each month at 11am.

Group Coaching with Lynne

Over the past 10 years ( longer if you count my other business roles) I have helped hundred's of people with their business coaching, planning and marketing.  If you could do one thing to help your business succeed being part of a supportive network would be it!

I was thinking about my coaching style today and I thought that if I was a bus driver what would I be like.  There are times that I would have my foot down rushing to get to the next destination and ploughing through all the major obstacles.  Great if you are going through flooded roads as stopping would mean that you stalled the bus!

There are other times that I would drive along slowly and enjoy the scenery and soak up the sights.

There were be the occasional judder bars, if we sped over them we would hit our heads on the roof, so they need to be carefully navigated over.

Then there are time when we just put the bus into auto pilot thinking and dreaming about our next destination (if you have driven the desert road at night time then you will know what I mean)

I get it, I get the highs and lows of running a business.  My goal is to share the ride with you so you can avoid potholes.