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You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one - John Lennon

Last Christmas one of my team (over drinks) told me that I was resilient and she admired the way that I took every new situation and then worked it to make it work and happen.  I was a little bit taken a back at the time, but then I thought of the John Lennon quote and realised that whilst working hard for me and my clients the core foundation is that I am a dreamer and I love planning today and the future.

I started thinking about who I am and how that attracts clients to me.  This isn't an easy task as all too often we are told to blend in and not stand out.  I can certainly tell you that I haven't done that in many years.

Tenacious/ Formidable/ Strong.  When trying to find the right solution for my clients I stop at nothing to find the right solutions. I instinctively a problem solver -always looking for the easiest way to get tasks done.

Sense of Humour.  I have often wondered what I would be like to do stand-up.  

Caring and Kind - I don't believe that we celebrate our kindness enough.  I show my kindness in subtle ways.  Dropping off a meal to a friend, or picking some flowers in my garden or just listening when a being problem solver isn't needed

Intuitive -It is very important to me to find some quiet time to just listen to my inner messages and take heed as needed.  In all the chaos of day to day living just taking some time out to write and think is possibility the best action I can take for my business. 


Being a business owner in 2022

There are many areas that I am passionate about and you will see me getting up on my soapbox and having a great rant.  I don't just rant I also step up and help where possible.  As a former pre-school teacher and a mother (and now grandmother ), I have always been passionate about working with our little people.  The vision that they have is amazing and looking through their lens we see is unique and very special.  

Every year we create Christmas for a family through the Salvation Army - and will continue to do this.  It gives us such joy to buy for a family and ensure that those kids get some special treats.  And for the past 3 years, I have been on the Hutt Valley Riding for the Disabled Board. Reluctantly I am giving up this position this year, but will continue to help them out on a volunteer basis.  

With a strong passion for the young generations, our company is going to continue to work and donate to child focused charities.