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Road Map

Create a Road Map for your business

At Grow Orange, we believe that any plan must have a starting point.  We have formatted an amazing  Road Map programme for our clients in which they get to spend 1 hour with Lynne digging deep into their business and looking at all the key elements that allow them to work with their business and to help it flow.  Think of your business as heading from Cape Reinga to Bluff.  Along the way, there will be fun fast roads. other times there will be roadworks, long and windy roads when you wonder if you are ever going to reach your destination, and unexpected potholes.  You will need to stop for coffee along the way and sometimes just park up the top of a hill/mountain and admire the scenery.

Now think about being in business - there are similar patterns.  It is fun to hit the motorway, but sometimes we just have to stop and admire the view otherwise what is the point of the ride. 

The Grow Orange Roadmap ensures that your vehicle (business) is fully conditioned with a full Warrant of Fitness to ensure that there are no breakdowns en route. And if you do get a flat tyre then our team is here to help you get back on the road!

Book your Road Map

We offer a range of Business RoadMap options that look at your business in depth.  

We love hearing about business ideas and plans, and through our Road Maps work alongside you to actually implement short-term and long-term strategies that push your business to the next level. And we really mean alongside. At every stage we can be with you on your journey.  Our clients know they can call or email us for advice and support and some times just a good old fashioned chat. 
The idea is to create, together, an ongoing business that continues to evolve. Ordinary business plans are often quickly outdated. Your business will develop and change, so we focus on anticipating the next steps to put the right plans in place ahead of time. That, and flexibility, is key to success in this fast-changing environment.
Making smart moves is hard when you’re doing it alone. And costly if you get it wrong. We can reduce the worry-load by helping you pinpoint issues, clarify what needs to be done, and implement plans with confidence.
Together, we can ensure your business road trip is fun and of course profitable.