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What do you need in a business coach? 

I’ve been told I’m not a typical online business coach. I’ve been told I’m more like a marketing consultant, business advisor, or reputation strategist than a “normal” business coach.

One - to - One Business Coaching

Business, Life, and Family are all naturally intertwined.  All the different facets need to be running smoothly for all to succeed.   I take a strong holistic approach to working with you and your business.  We don't have quick solutions, what we do is help you take your business to where you want it to go, and help provide you with all the tools along the way.  When coaching my clients you don't just get me, you get my very extensive network and the team at One Umbrella

  • In Addition to coaching, I will 

  • Do a fully comprehensive marketing audit, actioned within two weeks of our first session.

  • Together, we develop your RoadMap which includes the key short-term and long-term goals we've set together. This is a collaborative, online document that ensures you'll always know where you are heading, what to prioritise, and (most importantly) what you don't have to worry about.

  • Provide full email support for sharing updates, epiphanies, and celebrations, or simply to request further information.

  • You have complimentary access to any of my, live online classes and group coaching sessions that happen during our time together, and a 30% discount for any additional workshops/retreats that I am offering.

  • You'll have access to my little black book of trusted industry experts (invaluable!). If you need a copywriter, website designer, SEO nerd, photographer, videographer, PR person, or extraordinary organising-type person, I can help you find the right person and work with them (and no, I didn't find them on Fiverr or through a quick Google search, and I don't recommend you do this either!).

  • I will send through all supporting information, checklists, templates, and books, that will support your business.


The first chat is complimentary - let's see if we are the right fit to work together.  I don't sugar coat anything and occasionally I do drop in a few swear words (for emphasis of course) I challenge you and this can be uncomfortable.  But I always to this with support and warmth and a good laugh!

$350 + GST per month

or $1800 + GST for 6 months

Let's chat!

I work with a maximum of eight one-to-one coaching clients concurrently, to ensure that I'm able to give as much focus to you and your business as possible.

If you're keen, simply fill in the application form below, and let's tee up a chat.  

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