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Marketing and Business Leadership that inspires

Grow Orange offers marketing and business strategies that are designed with one goal in mind.  For your business to grow! 

For 10 + years Grow Orange has worked alongside business (and future) business owners, providing a full wrap-around business and marketing support system.  We pride ourselves in looking at the full holistic requirements of running a business to ensure that any marketing that is done works alongside your company goals.
We help with
Providing clarity, focus, and direction through our RoadMap Planning Sessions
Creating a strong marketing position and ensuring that your business has the relevant tools for the job

Social Media
Email and CRM support systems

Driving business outcomes and ensuring that you are meeting your goals. Monthly written reports
Regular coaching and support meetings
Fully transparent communication

Our mission is to create lasting value for every client we partner with

  • Honest & outcome driven β€“ we make marketing accountable.  We must ensure that the tools selected have been set up with your business in mind.
  • Empowerment β€“ we believe in training you and your team to take ownership of your marketing, and being fully transparent in all that we do.
  • Partnership approach β€“ we become part of your team

Our core values are grounded in our integrity and our no-nonsense approach.  We believe that by working collaboratively we are all stronger and better off for the experience.

Lynne has created a company where much of what she now does stems from her many years in business, sharing her knowledge with new and existing business owners as they embark on their business journeys.  Her core strength is that she listens to where her clients are now, and where they want to go in the future.  Her passion is marketing New Zealand businesses.

 The Grow Orange team has broad-based marketing New Zealand experience and incorporates strategic and intuitive thinking and communication.  Calling in website artists, content creators and advertising specialists ensures that Grow Orange can offer great value and expertise to its clients. Before any work is carried out, the Grow Orange team carries out a RoadMap session that looks at all facets of business, and the goals that are wanted to be achieved.  They create strategies for Business and Marketing New Zealand-wide wide.

It’s the solutions and services we offer so that your business can achieve more.

Business Strategy

Gain clear direction on how to best create a business plan and who are your ideal clients. Help and Support throughout your business journey.

Virtual Marketing

Benefit from the experience of a seasoned marketing strategist team without the cost of hiring new team members

Digital Profiles

Get tailored, practical digital marketing advice and results without burning the budget.  Websites | Social Media | Print Media + More

Business Support

Full training and support with our experienced marketing consultants. Group Coaching | 1-1 planning | ongoing support

Meet Lynne

Lynne Lawson had the vision for Grow Orange and has the privilege to work alongside some amazing companies and contractors throughout NZ.  Her vision of creating a marketing company that has a strong focus on supporting her clients with their software and marketing needs and being an independent supplier has served her well over the past 10 years.  Now she is spending more and more time creating strategic plans and has created an amazing handpicked team around her that not only support her vision and ethics but also are leaders in their fields.   This ensures that her clients get the best wrap-around services for their marketing and business needs.