Strategy + Business Coaching + Design + Digital + Web, Advertising + so much more!

Grow Orange is a boutique marketing and business strategy agency humming with smart individuals who love what they do and go the extra mile for their clients.  

Lynne has created a company where much of what she now does stems from her many years in business, sharing her knowledge with new and existing business owners as they embark on their own business journeys.  Her core strength is that she listens to where her clients are now, and where they want to go in the future.  

 Lynne's broad-based marketing experience, strategic and intuitive thinking, and communication nous combined with her amazing network of designers, website artists, and advertising specialists ensure that she is able to offer great value and expertise to her clients.

Before Lynne recommends any product or service to her clients she works with them on a Road Map experience.  This allows Lynne and her clients to dig deep into their business and then create the right strategy for them.

Take the first Step!

Business strategy is an outline of the actions and decisions a company plans to take to reach its goals and objectives.  Our unique RoadMap sessions build your business plan no matter where you are in your business journey.  That is why we love the term RoadMap.  We are creating a simple map for you to follow to achieve your goals.

These sessions are ideal for anyone who is:

  • Setting up your business from scratch
  • Fine-tuning your existing business
  • Getting clear on where your business is heading
  • How to implement your business strategy
  • How to get your customers to connect with your business

Move onto the next step

Once the first step has been taken and there is a plan in place then the Grow Orange assesses what are the next steps required.

  • Branding and Design
  • Website support
  • Financial Planning
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • Monthly Coaching and Support
  • Digital Marketing Support

Up and Running

Now that your business is up and running, the business support doesn't need to stop there.  We are here for you.  As you tick off one goal it is then time to look at the next goal.  

  • We can continue to work with you to continue to set your goals and identify what you need to focus on most in your business to achieve the results you want, and then
  • breaking it down into simple and easy-to-follow steps so you can remove the distractions and get to where you want to be, sooner.

This can be done via our 1 - 1 coaching plans or

We have created a bus ride to success programme that is filled up with tools to keep you motivated and on task.

Monthly reporting can also be created for your business to help you monitor where you have been and look to where you are going.

Strategy | Action | Reports

We give you a business strategy with three goals in mind. More clients, more time and more income.

We create strategies that focus on the clients who give you joy to work with and generate money for your company. - because if we think about it/ that is what we all want in our business.

 Then we help you apply that strategy across your whole business. We get you to your most profitable customers in the right place, with the right message at the right time.

A marketing strategy is more than just advertising

Our planning process starts with getting a full understanding of your current situation, the market, and your competitor's activity.

We review your business objectives in order to make sure your marketing goals are firmly aligned.

We then audit your existing activity before recommending a strategy that uses only the right channels to move your customers down the purchase path, so that you get the biggest 'bang for buck'.