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Marketing and VA Support

At Grow Orange we offer a range of services supporting our coaching and strategy business.  This enables us to provide the tools as an option for you to check off your goals.  

The definition of marketing is often defined by the seven p's of marketing.  Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Process and Physical Evidence.

Our RoadMap strategies are great to plan how your marketing should look and creating a plan.  Now it is time for the doing!

Websites.  A good website is a working document and is the foundation of your marketing plan.  All leads and enquiries should be able to go through your website.  It is a great way to sort out who your ideal client is.

Content Writing One of the biggest errors on any website is not having enough content.  We have found that there are two types of people.  Those that like to read every little detail and those that love bullet points.  All your content should reflect.  As well as being fully on brand.

Social Media - What tool is best for your business.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or??   Our team offers great content writing and graphics for social media 

Advertising - Google or Facebook - we work with you and your budget to create great advertising campaigns.'

Email marketing and surveys - This is a great way of communicating with your customers/ guests.

Our Monthly VA packages

We like to pre-plan your monthly spend in advance so you know what you are looking for and are able to set your budget..  As with all services we can prepare custom quotes for 1 off work.

Basic Plan

$375.00 + GST

Great for those months that your website and social media need a good refresh and some updates

Standard Plan

$750.00 + GST

This is our most popular plan and allows our team to write up new content, create social media posts, send out newsletters and tick off many of the tasks on your marketing plan.  We also include great reports with this plan.  

Advanced Plan

$1000.00 + GST

Ideal for businesses that want a Virtual Marketing Department.  This plan allows us to work on your business throughout the month and report back.  This includes advertising plans/ reports and allows us to create full promotions for your business. Why hire when you can have our team on staff!

Social Media

Love or Hate social media, it is here to stay and it is vital that it is used correctly to generate new business and reach your objectives. Your objectives might be to build 

  • brand awareness
  •  acquire new leads
  • convert prospects quickly 

Our Virtual Marketing team is able to work with your brand and plan and then create weekly or monthly posts to speak to your target market.

We like to work on a collaborative approach with our clients - they are free to add in posts and photos on a whim whilst our style of posts are more informational and advertorial.  We use a range of images and graphics to promote your style of business.


The website is the glue that holds your entire marketing plan together.  Our first preference is to work on your existing website, but sometimes they are too old and not cost effective enough to update.  When this happens we are able to recommend a range of website options - costs start from $750.00 thought to $5,000 and beyond.  No two websites have the same requirements and we like to assess what is the main goal before working on any site.  The key areas we work on with all websites

a) Content

b) Great images

c) Excellent Search Engine Optimisation

d) The overall design needs to reflect the business brand.  Ensuring that it is going to attract the right clients.

Graphic Design

Our team places a huge emphasis on brand when thinking about the design(s) needed for your business marketing.  Our design and brand specialists have experience working with a large variety of companies.  From start-ups through to established companies. 

By looking at the overall brand and not just the graphic required we ensure that you have a brand suite that suites all of your marketing from printed to social media. 


Google and Facebook advertising can be an ideal way to direct new clients to your business.  We like to remove the mystic and crush any confusion around advertising.  The first thing is to establish what the goal for advertising is and then create a solid marketing plan.  What we love about digital advertising is that the results and metrics are very clear.  Are they working or not!

We use Digital Advertising with Google and Facebook to aid our other marketing plans and not as a standalone service.