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Getting Feedback

How do we all cope when receiving negative feedback.

Today I had to take a deep breath in when I received an email that gave me feedback on my sales process.

The comments were valid and I agreed with them - but it still irked me.

It gave me pause to reflect on how we all put ourselves out into the marketplace.

One of the core areas was the fact that I need to come out of Social Media hibernation and showcase more of what we do!

How do you show up on your social media, website, video calls, face-to-face meetings, and proposals? Have you asked people for feedback when you miss out on a job? How does it make you feel?

I have been working in my art studio for the past month and one of the comments that I got was that my office didn't look professional.  I looked around and saw that my art studio has a ton of clutter in it, and I am allergic to the blur function on my video calls.  So today I am going to do some sorting out and showcase a better background for my video calls.  (or maybe I will just suck up the blur function and roll with it) 

There is a fine line between keeping it real and being "professional"  This week is about me, and my marketing, and which version of "Lynne" is going to show up to the meetings.  Who knows - I might even stop slipping in the occasional swear word!