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Taking a leap of faith

Find the right brand name

The journey to create a new and effective new brand name didn't just happen over night.  It took months of planning and thinking about what we wanted in our new brand!  Follow up on our journey and what we put in place to get the right look and feel for Orange!  

It started on a Sunday drive up to the Kapiti Coast when Chris and I were brainstorming what we could change the name of our company to.  We bounced around all sorts of ideas - knowing that the key word Orange had to stay (it is the mainstay of my wardrobe and I love that colour) we looked at what other words would sum up what we all did around the office.  Key words like Coffee, Gin, Jazz, all came up in discussion but it just described my loves and passion.  It was only when we were 5 minutes from home that I cried out GROW ORANGE... and our name was born.

Why Grow Orange - it summed up what we liked to do with our clients.  We love to find many ways to help their business grow.  Although we update websites and create great social media posts these were the tools for the business and how effective they were all part of the package to help the different businesses that we worked with grow.

Once we had the concept in mind, the planning started.